The Beyond Your Body Guide 

The self-guided 16-week journey to better body image. Say goodbye to negative self talk and hello to accepting yourself.

The thing about body image...


When I started working with clients, I realized how freaking complicated their relationship was with their body. Even as they started to heal in other areas, it seemed that they kept getting stuck on what steps they needed to take to actually achieve better body image.

Upon this realization, I started providing them with journal prompts, activities, and affirmations that they could use to dive deeper into not only their relationship with themselves but also their body. Next thing you know, they were no longer stuck.

That is how Beyond Your Body was born. I put together the journal prompts, affirmations, and activities that transformed the way that they saw themselves and their body so that anyone, including you, could experience this life changing shift.

Imagine If...

  • You no longer feared weight gain and you were able to ACCEPT your body no matter what it looked like.
  • You didn't judge your body every single time you saw it in a reflective surface.
  • You had kinder self talk and weren't constantly putting yourself down.
  • Your body size/weight didn't determine your self worth.
  • You felt CONFIDENT when you got dressed and knew you had clothes in your closet that you felt comfortable in.

  • Your mental health was BETTER and body image didn't affect it so much.

If you are constantly criticizing yourself and your appearance, no matter how much you change it, this guide was made for you.

What's Included?


  • 112 unique journal prompts specifically designed to change how you see yourself

  • Weekly activities that will get you out of your comfort zone and break down negative patterns that you are stuck in

  • Not-so-typical affirmations that will actually pick you up when you are feeling down

  • A body image handbook detailing how to deal with challenging situations surrounding body image

  • EXACT scripts on what to say when people comment on your body

  • A life changing tip that will reduce body checking and self judgement immediately

  • An editable PDF so that you can write in your guide directly after downloading it