The transformative 12-week program that ends your mental war with

food once and for all-- from food guilt to food freedom, body conscious to body accepting, obsessive to intuitive and everything in between.





▶ You are sick of overanalyzing every single food you put in your mouth.


▶ You are constantly looking at your body in the mirror wishing you could change what you see.


▶ You've tried to achieve a healthier relationship with food before, but you didn't know what steps to take and ended up getting stuck.


▶ You are tired of obsessing about the number of calories you burn in every workout.


▶ You find yourself doing a new cleanse or diet every time you feel bloated, but nothing ever works long term.


▶ You've tried everything to break the binge and restrict cycle, but somehow you always find yourself back in it.



You walk into your kitchen hungry for breakfast and decide that a bagel with cream cheese sounds good that day. After it pops up from the toaster you put the amount of cream cheese you actually want on it and enjoy each bite without thinking about calories or if you're working out later that day. As you eat you realize you are satisfied so you leave a few last bites on the plate and you walk away from the meal energized and guilt free. That's the last time you think about the bagel that day.




Are you ready to stop restricting and start seeing results?


I don’t know where to begin. This program saved my life. Like truly I thought I would think about food and exercise 24/7 and have the constant problem of binging (which I learned was from constant restriction). I felt out of control and I didn’t know I could ever get that control back. I didn’t think I could ever live so freely again. But now I know I can, because this program let me.


I’m so glad I finally took the leap to join Live Unrestricted! I had been following Mallory for a while and always saw posts about LU but kept thinking to myself “it won’t work for me”. Ironically enough, everyone thinks they’re the exception. During my time in LU, I was able to find neutrality and freedom with food that I once feared and also create a healthy balance with exercise. I had been stuck at such a plateau in my recovery, I thought it was just where I would be forever, but Live Unrestricted pushed me past that


I had no idea what I was getting myself into in the best of ways. This program has helped me unpack more on why I’ve always felt the way I do in a way that I could understand myself better. I feel like I’ve always known that society makes us behave the way we do. However, hearing it out loud and discussing it with strong, powerful, perfectly imperfect women, made that voice become almost as loud as my negative, mean voice which I never thought would happen. That voice has yelled at me my entire like that I was ugly, fat, unaccepted by society, when in reality that voice only exists because of that society, so learning that my voice needs to be louder than the mean one, has helped soothe myself in ways that I couldn’t before. For me, that’s everything.


This program had a really positive impact on my life both mentally and physically! Before the program I was struggling with stomachaches every time I ate, which led to a lot of negative associations with food. In the program, I was able to break down the underlying fears and anxieties I had about certain types of food hurting my body, and slowly reintroduce those foods! It’s freeing to trust my body to digest a diverse range of foods, and be able to enjoy all food without that underlying stress. Stomachaches are a rare occurrence now! Also, the LU community is unmatched— it was wonderful to go through the program with such an inspiring group of people!


LU is a truly transformative program that will alter the way you view food, exercise, and your body! Mallory and Dani are incredibly insightful and compassionate mentors. I highly suggest you take a leap of faith and invest in your well being. You won't regret it!


This program gave me MUCH needed perspective and support that I never realized how much I needed until nearing its completion. It gave me the permission to finally dive into the root cause of my issues with food and exercise and gave me the tools and guidance to do so successfully. I have so much more clarity now and can not only see how diet culture has affected me in the past but am able to easily identify and ignore it in the present. While I'm still on my recovery journey, I can 100% say that I will never subject myself to dieting ever again. 


Overall I just feel freer. I used to spend my day going through constantly assessing each decision if it would make my body smaller or bigger. Instead, now I simply enjoy each moment and listen to my intuition. I can order anything I want on a menu, I'm actually looking forward to summer now, also (get me in a bikini!), I'm so proud of how I view my body now (I feel like were finally friends, and that's pretty damn cool).


Wow, I just had a lightbulb moment for the title of the course (good one, guys!).


Life now has a lot more freedom. I can't imagine calorie counting on an app or tracking all the numbers of workouts and calories etc. For the first time in probably a year I have learned to actually enjoy rest days and to not force myself to workout every day. I am learning what it looks like to just move through my life intuitively listening to my hunger cues, fullness cues, energy levels, mood, etc. and am slowly but surely learning how to go with the flow of things.


I just feel grateful to be able to appreciate moments I spend with people and decide to try some apple pie ice cream because it sounds amazing instead of being like "hmmm should I? It sounds good but I don't need ice cream..." It feels like I can just enjoy moments more which makes me just happy in general.


I have regained hunger cues and honour them. I am able to enjoy treats, and feel less and less guilt/need to restrict in other ways/compensate. I am free to NOT exercise, and just listen to how my body feels/what it wants to do


Thank you so much for everything, honestly, I am super grateful to have found this program and to be part of it and the support and tools offered are/were amazing and all super helpful!.

Imagine If...


▶  You TRUSTED your body and never felt guilty for eating certain foods or skipping a workout.


▶  You no longer thought about food and your body all the time and instead spent that mental energy on things that make you HAPPY.


▶  You had CLEAR hunger and fullness cues so you never found yourself second guessing how much you should be eating.


▶  You never felt restricted and never again had to tell yourself "I can't eat that."


▶  You felt CONFIDENT going into your closet, because you know that all of your clothes make you feel good.




If you think you're the exception, READ THIS


I know how it feels to scroll through this sign up page. Maybe it is your first time here and you're wondering if you've finally found the answers you've been looking for, or maybe you've been here a dozen times and you're trying to decide if this is the time you hit 'apply'.


In either situation I know that there are two voices that you are hearing. 


There is the one voice saying, "This is it! Everything on this page is me and I know this is what I need. I finally have hope again." 


There is another voice saying, "Yeah, this looks great and all but I already know that this won't work for me. I am the exception."


I know that you are experiencing this because I have been there too. When I was struggling I convinced myself that I wasn't "sick enough", that no one else would understand me, that no program could help me, that I wasn't worth investing in, and that my relationship with food would just get better over time on it's own.


I know now that all of these were wrong. They were all lies told to me by that second voice. They all kept me miserable for years longer than I needed to be. And they all can stop you from achieving the freedom that you deserve to have.


So this is your sign to listen to that first voice. The voice that may feel scarier, may sound quieter, and may seem riskier, but you know deep down it's worth listening to.


Because when you do listen to that voice you GET to have all the things your hoping for: 

freedom, acceptance, and happiness



Now accepting applications for the May 2023 round and spots are filling fast!




Weekly Group Coaching Calls & Goal Setting

  • Personalized coaching for each person on every single call
  • Specific, tangible goals that Mallory sets for you weekly
  • An intimate, uplifting community of women that are there to support you
  • A positive environment that does not breed comparison (there are no specific numbers shared in the group - calories, weight, workouts, etc.)


Bonus 1-1 Calls

  • A space to dive into personal experiences that may be hard to share right away with the group
  • An accountability check in to make sure you are on the right track and progress each month
  • A time to get even deeper into any roadblocks or sticking points that could be coming up


New Weekly Modules & Private Slack Group

  • Constant community support from peers that understand what you're going through
  • Journal prompts that give you those "Aha!" moments
  • Informative resources that give you answers to the questions you've been dying to know


My Fool Proof 3-Step Method

  • The key to creating a sustainable change in your relationship with food and body image.
  • The secret to becoming confident in what actually makes your body feel best.
  • The magic formula to achieving food freedom and body acceptance.

Your Instructor

Mallory Page, RD, CEO


Mallory was once in the exact place that you are right now. She struggled with an eating disorder, orthorexia, that morphed into disordered eating in many forms including; calorie/macro counting, exercise obsession, bingeing, restriction, the list could go on. She used to feel like she was never enough and used food and exercise as a way to try to be "perfect" (spoiler alert: it was impossible). She felt like she tried everything to recover and nothing worked, until she found the tools that she uses in this program. She has now helped hundreds of women transform their relationship with food and would be honored to have the opportunity to help you do the same.

Imagine being to scroll through tiktok without comparing yourself to every What I Eat in a Day Video.