The 16-week program for professionals who want to integrate the non-diet approach into their practice so they can help clients experience transformation that lasts.




The 16-week program for professionals who want to integrate the non-diet approach into their practice so they can help clients experience a transformation that lasts.





▶You align with the non-diet, anti-diet culture approach, but you don't feel as confident as you want to when using it. You don't want to second guess yourself in client sessions or in conversations with professionals, and you know it's time to learn the specific tools that will get you to that place.


▶You know you want to work in the field of disordered eating, eating disorders, and poor relationships with food, but you haven't been educated on how to do this. You need a proven approach and reputable education to become the expert that you know you can be.


▶You think HAES, intuitive eating, body acceptance, food neutrality, etc. are great concepts, but you don't know how to make them click for others. You feel as if you can educate people on these topics but they are still getting stuck because your current knowledge and tool kit isn't cutting it.


▶You are worried about coming off "too strong" in your non-diet approach and pushing clients away. You know that these practices and mindsets will help them, but you also know that you need to meet them where they're at. You find yourself asking, "where is the balance between the two?"


▶You find yourself struggling to help clients overcome fear of weight gain, body image challenges, and limiting beliefs. The affirmations and mindset reframes you've utilized aren't landing like you intend them to, and you're out of ideas.

Have you heard your clients say these things?

"I already don't like my body, so if I gain weight, I'm just going to like myself even less. I can't do it." 

"I just want to stop overeating and binging. I don't see how increasing my food and adding bad foods is going to help that."

"I only exercise for my mental health, but I can't take rest days because that's not healthy for me."

"I'm already so afraid of other people judging how I look and what I eat. I don't think I can handle more of it."

"I'm ready to heal my relationship with food, but I'm not ready to give up the social elements and let go of the identities I've tied to my body and food (fit friend, healthy friend, etc.)"



Being in this position sucks. It makes you question whether or not you'll actually be able to help the clients that you want to help, if you'll ever feel confident explaining your approach to resistant professionals and clients, and if all the work you did to get to this point was even worth it. Actually, wait -- that's reality. But what if it wasn't? What if you had the resources and the knowledge you need to help your clients escape limiting beliefs about their body image and relationship with food and your clients were leaving your practice empowered and transformed for the long-term instead of the short-term? What if you felt confident engaging coworkers about the science and success of a non-diet approach in your field?



From your instructor, Mallory Page, RD...


When I was in school to become a dietitian, I had ONE guest lecture about eating disorders in my counseling class and ONE brief section in medical nutrition therapy about how to medically treat eating disorders. Outside of that, there was NOTHING about not only eating disorders, but also disordered eating, the non-diet approach, HAES, intuitive eating, or really anything else.


When I graduated and decided I wanted to work with those that struggled with their relationship with food, I figured there HAD to be some program out there that provided this information. I scoured the internet looking for a program that could give me the education I needed about a non-diet approach + the tangible tools to work with clients and I found... nothing.


And THIS is exactly what inspired me to bring this program to life. Practitioners deserve education and tangible steps to support clients in breaking free from diet culture and healing their relationship with food. It upsets me that this information is so hard to find. Now, as an RD with 6 years of schooling, 8 years of social media experience, and 3 years of running my own practice under my belt, I'm ready to share this information with you. I have worked with over 300 one-one-one and group coaching clients that have transformed their relationships with food, exercise, and body image through my programs. 


Ready to join me in changing the way the world views nutrition and wellness?




This program provided an educational community of insightful, experienced, and compassionate professionals in the HAES and non-diet space. When I signed up for the program, I didn't realize the depth of detail behind repairing ones relationship with food/body and had no clue that intuitive eating/gentle nutrition would come into the picture later on in ones journey (if at all). This opened my eyes to the ways we can meet different people where they are and individualize care in a structured/methodical and evidence-based way. I feel much more confident in my practice as a weight-neutral/anti-diet/HAES Registered Dietitian.



This program not only helped my confidence when working with clients but also with providing resources and tangible steps that clients can take to unlearn diet culture and learn to feel at peace with food and in their body. Mallory and her team are amazing to work with and are so knowledgeable. Mallory gives specific scenarios and examples of how to work through questions and issues clients may have with food and body image. I walked away with a whole library of resources and knowledge that I did not have before!


I couldn’t recommend the Live Unrestricted Practitioner Program more. I was waiting for a program just like this one and it came up at the most perfect time. After already completing 5 years of undergraduate degrees, I knew I just wanted to learn about what I’m truly interested in, that being eating disorders, disordered eating and body image disorders/struggles. This program has truly expanded my knowledge and skills to help guide clients to true freedom which isn’t as simple as I once thought! Getting to full recovery requires addressing the underlying root causes of the disordered behaviours and working through all of the uncomfortable feelings and challenges that come up along the journey, and the LUP program has helped me to develop my confidence and ability to do this!


Classes with Mallory have been so worthwhile! Mallory did an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, and always keeping it light and fun. Mallory is a great teacher, and I would recommend her to not only students in school but also for people like me who are gathering more knowledge on their own, further insight, different perspectives, and additional resources as providers. LUPP has been a great experience. Mallory is such a thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and always encourages us to share our thoughts/beliefs first. She paces the class just right, so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. So many other classes you just read from an article but in LUPP she allows you to ask questions and gets the class to respond which is both fun and promotes faster learning. I’m thrilled to have been involved in the LUPP class!


Your Clients Saying Could be Saying...

"This program has completely changed my life. I absolutely cannot believe how much I have grown throughout this program. I hadn’t realized that I was stuck in this quasi-recovery or that full recovery was possible until LU. I truly cannot remember the last time I felt this kind of peace around food and my body. For the first time in forever, eating feels effortless and my thoughts are not consumed by my body image. I have never felt more nourished, satisfied and comfortable in my body and around food. Which makes me extremely emotional because I truly felt that I was the exception to full recovery and that feeling neutral towards food and body was not possible. This program has completely changed my life in such a short time and I cannot thank Mallory and the other coaches enough for that. It's more than just a program; there's a community of women with similar lived experiences that support you along the way - which was extremely powerful. LU was truly the final push I needed to fully recovery and discover this life of radical self acceptance and food freedom. I definitely recommend joining this program & making an investment in your health, because not only do you deserve that--it's worth it.

- Maddy, LU Alumni



Now accepting applications for the September 2023 round and spots are filling fast!


Imagine going from...




  • You freeze in a session because a client is talking about their body image issues again and you have tried every technique in your tool kit to work them through it.
  • A client is bringing up how body image is feeling like a barrier to their progress and you know the exact questions to ask, things to say, and techniques to use in order to get them through it.
  • You meet with a client that is convinced their wellness and exercise habits are healthy for them, but you know they aren't, and you don’t know how to approach it.
  • You know exactly how to help this client recognize the unsustainable and unhealthy nature of their habits and give them tools to reframe their habits to heal. 
  • You’re on a consult call and can’t tell if a client is a good fit for your services or not. You feel paralyzed with fear about accepting them as a client and failing.
  • Having total clarity about your ideal client and confidence in your skill sets so you never second guess whether a client is the right fit for your services.
  • Your clients are plagued with limiting beliefs such as “I’m not lovable if I’m not that size” or “If I don’t lose weight, I’ll never like my body,” and you don’t know how to respond beyond telling them it’s not true.
  • You can listen to a client’s limiting beliefs and provide them with specific mental reframes and actionable steps so they can replace these underlying mindsets that hold them back. 
  • You feel challenged by another professional in the field and not confident enough to take the non-diet, anti-diet culture stance.
  • Having the relational tools you need to winsomely advocate for the anti-diet culture stance to your peers. 





  • Hours of intensive training that certify your knowledge in the non-diet, disordered eating field. This will include:  
    • Bi-weekly live calls
    • Live Q & A Session
    • 24/7 community access with like-minded peers and networking
    • Weekly resources, including templates on how your clients can respond to comments on food and body and how you can talk to other practitioners about the non-diet approach
  • A client workbook filled with tangible tips, journal prompts, and mindset reframes that you can use directly with your clients
  • A practitioner workbook that has specific strategies for getting clients through their specific struggles including body image, gut health, limiting beliefs, moralizing foods, orthorexia, and more
  • CONFIDENCE! Think about being in a client session and knowing exactly what to say, what to ask, and how to respond.


"Worth every penny!"


I can't express enough just how excited I am that LUP exists! To start, the content in LUP itself speaks to the EXACT gaps in knowledge I was having when working in the non-diet/ED space. The content was presented in a way that makes sense and is very applicable to your own work with clients. While I am a dietitian who works a lot directly with clients who struggle with disordered eating/an ED/body image, I can see that LUP is beneficial for ANY practitioner who is currently working in this space or who would like to work in this space (honestly, this is for anyone who works in healthcare in general because this information provides such a good lens in which to practice patient/client care). Beyond the content, Mallory and her team foster such an uplifting and supportive environment which made me comfortable enough to share my thoughts and ask questions. The LUP group was made up of such outstanding providers who had great perspectives to share as well and made the experience that much more beneficial. If you are on the fence about this program, GO FOR IT! It will transform your confidence as a practitioner and your clients' experiences with you.