Hi, I'm Mallory

Mallory Page


Mallory is a Dietitian and the CEO of her own counseling business.
Mallory struggled with eating disorders (orthorexia, binge eating, restriction), body dysmorphia, and exercise obsession for years. She went from counting every calorie, analyzing every single ingredient, hating her body, and never being able to rest without guilt to complete recovery and freedom.
Mallory knew she wanted to help other people accomplish the same feeling so after 6 years of school and numerous work experiences she started Live Unrestricted. She has now helped 100s of people with her coaching and counseling services and reaches thousands of people daily through her social media platforms. Her mission is to help as many people as possible achieve the life of freedom they deserve.

Hi, I'm Cahleigh

Cahleigh Barnes

Registered Dietitian

Cahleigh is a Registered Dietitian who became interested in nutrition and health after
overcoming years of a negative relationship with her body, orthorexia, and body dysmorphia.
Cahleigh experienced firsthand how our relationships to our bodies can affect all aspects of our
lives, and she loves helping people regain the mental and physical energy that diet culture takes
from us. She is passionate about guiding people to find a broader and more inclusive definition
of health and how gentle nutrition can help support our bodies without it controlling our lives.
Outside of Live Unrestricted, Cahleigh does one on one anti-diet nutrition counseling as well as
work with food justice in her local community.

Cahleigh loves hiking with her pup and husband, reading fiction, gardening, and napping with
her 3 cats.

Hi, I'm Lakin

Lakin Steedly

Registered Dietitian

Lakin is a Registered Dietitian who strives to help others build an enjoyable relationship with food while honoring health AND our taste buds. During her dietetic internship in Houston, she grew a passion for working with those who struggle with disordered eating choose fuel over fear with food. Lakin strives to continue educating others about eating disorder prevention, especially as it pertains to ending weight stigma and weight bias, and work with other health professionals in weight-inclusive healthcare. Lakin lives & works in Cincinnati, Ohio within Adolescent Medicine helping children and young adults battling eating disorders, malnutrition, and diet culture. 
Outside of her work - she can also be found walking at a nearby park listening to murder mystery podcasts, taking care of her plants, and attempting the next trending crockpot recipe!

Hi, I'm Nicole

Nicole Woo

Registered Dietitian

Nicole is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for all things anti-diet after recovering from her
own struggles with disordered eating back in her early college years. After realizing the control
she thought she had over every eating decision was actually controlling HER, Nicole was tired of
this toxic relationship with food dictating her day-to-day life. Through the process of rejecting
diet culture, Nicole realized that food freedom was so much more than giving herself
permission to eat what she enjoyed; ultimate food freedom, to her, was having the mental,
emotional, and physical capacity to love better in her friendships and other relationships,
dream about her life, and actually CARE about these things!

Outside of Live Unrestricted, Nicole works at a university health center in Virginia as a
Registered Dietitian and loves every second of working with college students. When Nicole isn’t
working, you will find her taking too many pictures of her cats (she will likely need to upgrade
her phone for more storage space), spending time pursuing her Christian faith, or finding
unique food and restaurants with her husband, Christian.

Hi, I'm Amy

Amy Zellman


Amy struggled with an eating disorder in college, however, in recovery learned that she had a disordered relationship with food for much longer than that. Through her recovery process, she learned all the time spent worrying about what her next meal was going to be, hating her body, and obsessing over exercise could be used spending quality time with her friends and family. Additionally, she became passionate about learning all the great things food and nutrition can do for our bodies, fighting against diet culture and helping others do the same.


Outside of her work with Live Unrestricted, Amy is a Registered Dietitian at a clinic in Wisconsin where she works with various gastrointestinal disorders. She can also be found reading, spending time with her cat and pup, growing herbs, cooking, camping, attempting to surf in the very cold Great Lakes, among many other things that she now feels blessed to be able to enjoy with her food freedom.

Hi, I'm Isabel

Isabel Frazier

Dietetic Intern

Isabel is a dietetic intern who is passionate about empowering women through their food choices. After recovering from disordered eating and body dysmorphia herself, she knew she wanted to help other women achieve confidence and freedom. Over the past 5 years, Isabel has centered her dietetics education around eating disorders and intuitive eating.
Isabel currently operates within marketing and content creation for Live Unrestricted and loves to offer her support in any way she can.

Hi, I'm Alayna

Alayna Rolling

Virtual Assistant/Business Manager

Alayna developed a passion for the anti-diet culture space when she went through recovery from binging/restricting and orthorexia in 2021, and she's been living unrestricted (pun intended) ever since. Currently, Alayna serves as our online business manager contacting clients, organizing content, upkeeping our website, and more!


When she's not moonlighting for the LU team, you can find Alayna enjoying a good book, cooking , serving at church, making pottery, or spending time outdoors with her husband, Caleb. 

Mal you are truly so incredible. The program you have created is so impactful and truly life changing. You made me believe that I was more than my ED and that I could overcome and be in recovery. The way that you support us and challenge us is such a beautiful combination. It never felt like you were not approachable or out of reach. You were always so honest and up front and it created a safe space for all of us. You are just the best and I can't wait to see where we all go from here! -Riley


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