Hi, I'm Mallory

Mallory Page


Mallory is a Dietitian and the CEO of her own counseling business.
Mallory struggled with eating disorders (orthorexia, binge eating, restriction), body dysmorphia, and exercise obsession for years. She went from counting every calorie, analyzing every single ingredient, hating her body, and never being able to rest without guilt to complete recovery and freedom.
Mallory knew she wanted to help other people accomplish the same feeling so after 6 years of school and numerous work experiences she started Live Unrestricted. She has now helped 100s of people with her coaching and counseling services and reaches thousands of people daily through her social media platforms. Her mission is to help as many people as possible achieve the life of freedom they deserve.

Hi, I'm Dani

Dani Anastasi


Dani has always had a passion for helping women break free of the toxic disordered eating cycle. Throughout her dietetics education, she went above and beyond to seek out experiences that helped her to learn more about disordered eating and the steps to find food freedom. 

She is here to guide you through this process with compassion and support. Dani would love to help you reach your food freedom goals and provide you all the encouragement you need along the way.

Hi, I'm Alayna

Alayna Rolling

Virtual Assistant/Business Manager

Alayna developed a passion for the anti-diet culture space when she went through recovery from binging/restricting, and orthorexia in 2021, and she's been living unrestricted (pun intended) ever since. Currently, Alayna serves as our online business manager contacting clients, organizing content, upkeeping our website, and more!


When she's not working for LIVE UNRESTRICTED, you can find Alayna enjoying a good book, cooking (and eating that cooking), serving at church, making pottery, or spending time outdoors with her husband, Caleb. 

Mal you are truly so incredible. The program you have created is so impactful and truly life changing. You made me believe that I was more than my ED and that I could overcome and be in recovery. The way that you support us and challenge us is such a beautiful combination. It never felt like you were not approachable or out of reach. You were always so honest and up front and it created a safe space for all of us. You are just the best and I can't wait to see where we all go from here! -Riley


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