You deserve to Live Unrestricted.



You deserve to


So, what's this all about?


Well... let us give you the long and the short answer.


The short: Mallory is a Registered Dietitian that is transforming the way that people look at food and nutrition through education, counseling, free resources, and coaching.


The long: Nine years ago, Mallory developed an eating disorder that took over her life. It persisted for years, and for many of those years she refused to get help because she never felt like she could find the support she was looking for. She tried counseling, she looked into groups, she was afraid to work with a Dietitian that wouldn't "get it" and it kept her sick for years. It became increasingly more obvious as she finished her education and healed from her eating disorder that she wanted to help people that had the same struggles as she did one day. In 2020, that time came and Live Unrestricted was born. By combining the physical steps with the mental shifts she has created a framework that has healed hundreds of people struggling with their relationship with food, exercise, and body image. The best part? This is only the beginning.


Want to achieve food freedom and body acceptance but don't know where to start? This is the challenge for you.



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Hi, I'm Mallory

Mallory Page, RD, CEO

Mallory is a Dietitian and the CEO of her own counseling business.
Mallory struggled with eating disorders (orthorexia, binge eating, restriction), body dysmorphia, and exercise obsession for years. She went from counting every calorie, analyzing every single ingredient, hating her body, and never being able to rest without guilt to complete recovery and freedom.
Mallory knew she wanted to help other people accomplish the same feeling, so after 6 years of school and numerous work experiences, she started Live Unrestricted. She has now helped hundreds of people with her coaching and counseling services and reaches thousands of people daily through her social media platforms. Her mission is to help as many people as possible achieve the life of freedom they deserve.


The podcast for when you hear a food rule, wellness trend, or nutrition fact and think, "This seems like diet culture, but is it really?" Join host Mallory Page to have your questions answered about a new trending topic every single week.



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